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White Paper Offers Employers Methodologies To Reduce Healthcare Benefit Costs

Employers, Employees need to look at personal health regimes to ward off costly healthcare costs.

Employers should be looking at wellness programs to reduce costs, improve staff health, morale.

A new white paper by Health Benefits Design Group titled ‘Five Costly Mistakes Employers Make with Health Benefits (And How to Fix Them)’ points out that traditional health benefits are upside down – promoting sickness over wellness.

The evidence is clear that 20%-75% of health care costs are for preventable diseases. To save money employers need to effectively prevent these diseases.

The company says that "CDC research confirms that our health habits, including whether we get adequate exercise and eat right, are the biggest factors in determining if the average person develops chronic health problems like heart disease and diabetes."

According to Pamela Armstrong, Health Benefit Design Group's President, says "our inherited genes and whether or not we have good access to medical care have much less impact on the average person’s health."

She adds that "Lifestyle/health habits determine health by 50% on average, while Genetics determine health by 20%, and Access to Medical Care has only 10% impact."

"Employers who get employees to be personally accountable for getting healthy, thus preventing chronic disease, are reaping big financial savings and business success., adds Armstrong.

She pointed out that one of her employer-clients "had a 14% rate reduction this year, with no change in benefits. Productivity, employee satisfaction and business competitiveness all increase.” 

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