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Treasury Department To Release Further HSA Guidance Affecting Employer Contribution

The Treasury Department is on target to release further HSA regulatory guidance as outlined in their business plan soon.

According to W. Thomas Reeder, Benefits Tax Counsel, U.S. Department of the Treasury, the long-anticipated "grab bag" guidance that will address questions posed to the Treasury's web site was delayed so that the changes brought about by the HOPE Act could be incorporated.

Reeder told an audience of banking and insurance executives at the 4th Annual White House HSA Briefing, that additional guidance is also expected on IRA-to-HSA rollovers, in addition to the recently released guidance on employer comparable contributions.

The government's concern that many small businesses are not aware of HSAs is consistent with what we have seen and reflects the need for
greater consumer awareness of HSAs and the benefits to both the employer and employee.
The invittion-only event was managed by Information Strategies, Inc., Ridgefield, NJ.

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