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CDH / HSA Market Reports and Consulting Available

Information Strategies is often asked to share its market research and conduct customized research for clients.  Further, as the CDH/HSA marketplace has evolved, insurance carriers, financial institutions, technology providers and others have utilized our services in brand building, product development and audience development.

On a more global level, ISI has developed a series of research studies focused on several areas within the CDH/HSA sector.  They are now available for purchase. Below is a list of what is now available or currently under study. For additional information, contact:

Research Reports:

ISI continuously conducts research on the CHD and HSA marketplace, some recent studies include:

Health Savings Accounts 2006 Market Report and Outlook

Based on its interviews with 17,000+ users and business leaders, ISI has developed a comprehensive report on today’s health savings account (HSA) market, what are the key market drivers, trends through 2010, looks at winners and strugglers, products in the marketplace, and needs for future products.

Six-Force Analysis of CDH Marketplace

A review of the forces (Products, Substitutes, Competitors, Potential Entrants, Buyers, Suppliers and Complements) and the impact they will have on the HSA marketplace and each other. The study also has a brief review of the current marketplace with some projections as to future growth and trends.  This study also discusses the evolving sales process and channels by which consumers and clients choose HSA products.  

HSA User: Consumer Profile

While there is no “typical” HSA user, this study attempts to identify certain key segments along demographic, geographic, occupational and other characteristics.  At the same time, the study offers guidelines as to the purchasing behavior within these segmented groups.  Information is also presented about the key information channels plumbed by HSA users to purchase and utilize their insurance and custodial accounts.

Small Businesses Setting Up HSAs

Based on Information Strategies, Inc.’s unique position as a major news source to more than four million small and medium size businesses, this study focuses on the impact Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) is having and will have on their firms.  More than 7,000 management respondents have indicated their preferences, needs and attitudes as to HSAs and other healthcare-related products. 

Who Influences HSA Purchases

This study provides insight into what are the key influences working upon individuals and small businesses when they choose a Health Savings Account (HSA) insurance carrier and/or account custodian.  Based on interviews with more than 13,000 individuals and business managers, the study has been ongoing since 2004. 

Where and How Individuals Purchase HSAs

Based on more than 10,000 interviews, the study offers insight into the purchasing process of insurance carriers and account custodians by individuals.  The study looks at the success of carrier/custodian alliances, the role of the Internet, retail sales offering and other channels.  It also spotlights the key decision variables that go into the sales transaction at the time of purchase as well as influencers of this process. 

How Individuals Use HSAs

This study provides insight into the rationale and methodology by which individuals utilize their HSA custodian accounts.  While depositor behavior varies by segmented group, the study surfaces certain motivating factors that cut across all parts.  Based on more than 10,000 interviews, the study also breaks down users by long-term savings strategies, demographic differences and geographic influences.

Exploring, Debunking HSA Myths

Since HSAs became available in January 2004, HSAs have faced an educational mountain and quite naturally a number of myths have sprung up.  Now with 2+ years of HSA User data available and +10,000 interviews, facts and marketplace data can be given to address these myths.  This study compares and contrasts popular “myths” with the reality inherent in today’s HSA environment. 

HSAs and the CHD Marketplace:  (in progress)

3rd Annual Corporate Healthcare Insurance Survey:  (in progress)

Special reports drawn from these studies may also be ordered, quoted on request.

ISI’s clients often request customized research projects in order to delve into the market information most important to them.  Customized Research Projects quoted upon request.


Consulting Projects, of multiple days/weeks, quoted upon request.

Some projects to date include:

  • Provide content, strategic direction of online retail training & education
  • Development of client product offerings for consumer niches
  • Creation of financial services products in HSA retail sector
  • Develop best of class offerings for consumer market
  • Initiate and guide small business offerings
  • Instigate and drive small business online portal development
  • Drive customer acquisition and retention strategies
  • Promote and support strategic partnership development

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