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Employees Will Pay 50+% Of Healthcare Benefits By 2012, Pundit Says

Employees will be paying more than 50% of their company provided healthcare benefits by 2012, according to a leading industry pundit.

Speaking to an invitation only audience of senior banking and insurance executives, JoAnn M. Laing, President & CEO of Information Strategies, Inc. offered released her annual outlook.

The leader of this newsletter's corporate group was positive aboutthe future of HSAs no matter who took the White House in 2008.  She did, however, have some sobering thoughts for the industry as a whole.

Among these were:

  • Lower loss claim rates on HDHPs will finally be recognized with lower premiums.
  • Multi-year insurance.  This would begin driving the industry from reactive to proactive.
  • Greater incentives for preventative healthcare expansion from insurers and employers.
  • Employers are increasingly altering their plans to attract the healthy and avoid the sick.  Imposing spousal surcharge if coverage available elsewhere.
  • By 2012, all Employees will be paying HALF of their health insurance while consumers being able to deduct their medical premiums.
  • Employers being able to buy individually-owned insurance for their employees.
  • Healthcare available in convenient and transient locations, such as grocery stores and airports.
  • Better customer service and information (pricing transparency and efficacy rating) for decision making.

Her final statement to the 80+ executives was, "that because of HSAs potential to cut health care inflation and build savings, and grow business for providers, we should all push for the improvement and expansion of HSAs."

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