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Study mimics result found in earlier soundings by ISI, indicating costs of benefits are reduced.
Results vary widely by geographic location and offerings, study says.
Trend sees growth from both large and small employers with individuals still seeking HSAs on their own.
New tax law gives employers who purchase HSA insurance $250 per employee credits.
Industry observers were quick to attack the report which nonetheless has some positives to say about HSAs.
The regulations cover such issues as accelerated payments when heavy medical expenses are incurred or when employers fail to fully inform employees.
Final year of Bush administration sees continued support and expansion of HSAs.
While advice on how to accomplish the lifestyle change of a new fitness or physical activity regime is widespread, little of it is targeted to adults ages 50-plus.
The National Eye Institute and EyeCare America both believe that protecting vision should be a matter attended to all year long.  This year the two national non-profit organizations are working together on a campaign designed to educate and inform parents on the best way to tend to the precious sight of their children.
Wellness advisory group indicated one client had a 14% healthcare rate reduction utilizing its approach.

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