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Humana Health Insurance Quotes

Through our specially-trained staff, you will be able to receive rapid, competitive online health insurance quotes from Humana and most other leading medical insurance providers.

At all times, we will strive to quote the most economical, value added health insurance program that meets your needs. We're able to do this by working with industry leaders such as Humana.


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For those not interested in long-term health insurance (between jobs, just graduating, etc.), here is affordable short term health insurance

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Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the nation's largest publicly traded health benefits companies, with approximately 7 million medical members located primarily in 15 states and Puerto Rico. Humana offers coordinated health insurance coverage and related services — through traditional and Internet-based plans — to employer groups, government-sponsored plans and individuals.

Humana has proven over its 43-year history that it embraces change and has seized opportunities that have helped to transform its business.

Today, innovation serves as Humana's growth engine as they transform the company's business to give our customers personalized, actionable health benefits information in real time. With the right blend of product designs and the use of digital technology to achieve administrative simplicity for employer groups, physicians, hospitals and other health care providers, Humana is poised to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity offered by the growth of information technology.

Humana offers coordinated health insurance coverage and related services to employer groups, government-sponsored plans and individuals through:

• Administrative services products
• Preferred provider organizations
• Consumer driven plans
• Health maintenance organizations
• Government-sponsored plans
• Plans for U.S. military dependents and retirees
• Individuals

The company's specialty products — dental, life and disability insurance — complement its core health offerings. Humana provides health benefits and related services to companies ranging from fewer than 10 to tens of thousands of employees.

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