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HSA Users Have Different Take On The Presidential Election

Health Savings Account (HSA) users differ from the general population in their views of the Presidential race, according to a survey of 4,930 completed in late September.

The survey, by this newsletter's parent, Information Strategies, Inc. shows a marked preference for Senator John McClain while at the same time noting that healthcare is one of two major issues driving their preferences.

by a 58-42 margin, the Arizona Republican is prefered to Senator Barack Obama amongst voters with families and 54-46 by respondents with single coverage.

The differences were sharpest in the battleground states of Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Florida, Texas and California.

The survey was conducted onlline and by telephone in the period September 10-17 with a margin of error of less than 3%.

Respondents were asked about their concerns and what factors drove their choice of a candidate at the time the poll was taken.

  • 57% said the economy was a major concern.
  • 61% said they had not been affected by any economic negative except for higher gas prices.
  • 74% said they expected to vote in the election.
  • 14% said they thought neither candidate would affect their personal situation.
  • 19% indicated they might change their mind between the time the poll was taken and election day.
  • 17% said personal morals and those of the candidates drove their decision process vis-a-vis voting.
  • 91% said they had voted in a local, state or Presidential election in the last four years.
  • 57% said their HSA was bought by them while the remainder indicated the HSA was company-sponsored.
  • Income levels were distributed a bell curve with the mean being $61,450.


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