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Free Children's Eye Health Information in Honor of May's Healthy Vision Month

The National Eye Institute and EyeCare America both believe that protecting vision should be a matter attended to all year long.  This year the two national non-profit organizations are working together on a campaign designed to educate and inform parents on the best way to tend to the precious sight of their children.

This May during Healthy Vision Month, the National Eye Institute is working to raise awareness about the importance of children using protective eyewear in order to protect their vision. For its part in the campaign, EyeCare America is reminding parents that protecting their child's eye sight should begin when they are newborns.

Most children have healthy, normal eyes, but a few are born with serious eye diseases or disorders, some of which may not be obvious. In most cases, these problems can be identified-and treated-even during the first few days of life. But without an eye screening, usually before the age of five, a child with an untreated eye problem may suffer from serious vision loss, or even blindness.

EyeCare America's Children's EyeCare Program is designed to educate parents on how to recognize the symptoms of eye diseases and disorders in their children between newborn and 36 months of age. The program encourages parents who think their child has a vision or eye problem to have their child's eyes examined by their pediatrician, family physician or, if necessary, by an ophthalmologist.

Every child, even those without noticeable eye problems, should have a vision screening and/or eye examination before his or her fifth birthday.

For more information on EyeCare America's Children's EyeCare Program and to get a free children's eye health brochure call the toll-free help line 1-800-628-6733. The phones are open 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday, Pacific Time. Or, visit

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